Comical Cars Offer Serious Racing Action

If you're looking at this Toyota and it seems comically proportioned, that's because it is. This car is a competitor at the Aussie Racing series, which is a controlled-format series. All the cars are mechanically identical, although there are 5 body types to choose from. Aside from the Aurion, a competitor can select from the Classic 40 Ford, FJ Holden, Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore styles. The comical part comes from the fact that the bodies, and hence, the cars under them, are 50% smaller.


The cars are built upon a tubular space frame with an integrated safety cage. Suspension is via wishbone up front and a live axle at the rear. Coilovers do the damping work and 4-wheel disc brakes ensure reliable stopping action. Power comes from a 1200cc twincam four tuned to 125 hp with a redline of 11,500 rpm. A sequential 5-speed is the standard transmission. Yokohama 13-inch spec tires further ensure that the drivers are given appropriate performance that will showcase their skills.


Because the cars are so small and light (450 kilos, ready to race), their power-to-weight ratios are equivalent to that of an Aston Martin DB9 Volante or a Porsche 996 GT3. With a top speed of 230 km/h and a 0-60 under 4 seconds, performance is certainly substantial. In some circuits, cornering loads of 2Gs have even been recorded. Race series such as these are popular around the world. People who want to showcase their talents but are hampered by budgets can join these championships, where the cars are the tools that show which drivers are truly the fastest.


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