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Any true-blooded gearhead appreciates the many forms of mechanized transport that people all over take apart and remold according to their ideas and whims. Some people just seem to have a natural talent for putting together awesome builds, which is the case with this avid motorcyclist. One subset of the motorcycling world are the so-called cafe racers who mod their bikes according to certain design philosophies. The Honda CB750F Supersport  featured here made waves when it was first introduced, as it was one of the first big bikes that was produced with significant input from Honda's U.S. dealers.


The CB750 featured a transverse inline four with, up to 1978, a single overhead cam head and four carbs. Output was 65 horsepower driving 510 pounds.
To convert this CB750 Supersport into the cafe racer you see below, the area under the seat was opened up by reconfiguring and relocating the oil tank for the bike. Aside from this, the seat was removed and a seat that is more in keeping with the cafe racer look was designed. The tubing under the seat was reinforced with a steel plate to strengthen the frame and the battery was relocated to the speed hump. Underneath is a custom-fabricated tunnel that hides the electrical wiring.


The engine is stock for now, but an oil cooler kit (the heat exchanger came off a Cadillac Cattera) was added to enhance engine longevity, plus it allows a spin-on oil filter to be used. Even though the engine is stock, our horsepower calculator reveals that the power-to-weight ratio for this work of art would be equivalent to an Evo 8. Not bad for a project that cost $500 to start with and which won Best Japanese Modified at the Rockerbox show in 2009 with its white, gold and black color scheme.

Original look of the CB750F


Video below shows how cafe-style CB750 racer sounds.

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