Porsche 924 Conversion Preceded Ferrari’s FF

Ferrari revived it recently with its FF and Mercedes is reportedly developing this body style that fell out of favor but had been the rage a few decades back. Known as a shooting brake, this body style evolved from the requirements of well-off hunters in the past who required a shooting platform on their carriages.


The shooting brake you see here may not be immediately recognizable as the Porsche 924 that it is because of the weird-looking rear section. But it's a wagon conversion that is only one of seven originally produced by German tuner DP Motorsport between 1998 and 2003. Modifications to the body included steel tubing extensions and a lengthened roof. The tailgate is made from fiberglass with safety glass being used for the extended rear section. The result of all the bracing made the entire car even stiffer than the Porsche 944.


Aside from a complete refit for the interior section at the rear, the fuel filler neck has also been relocated. The drivetrain remains stock, but since descriptions describe it as a superfast wagon, it's safe to assume that the base car is a 924 Turbo. Distinguishing features were a NACA duct on the hood and 15-inch wheels, which this wagon has. Not easily seen are the uprated suspension and 4-wheel disc brakes to handle the 170 hp turbo motor. In today's high horsepower environment, it doesn't seem much but it's worth noting that the 924 Turbo had performance close to the 911 SC.


Today, Audi's RS4 and RS6 would be the epitome of sport wagons. But the DP Motorsport shooting brake stands as a unique development for the 924, so much so that an additional number were reportedly produced because of insistent demand.

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