Wife-inspired Truck Wows Crowds

Whether you want to admit it or not, American car culture has produced some of the most uniquely thinking hot rodders and enthusiasts on the planet. There is a reason hot rods are emulated in all corners of the planet, one of those reasons being taking what you have and creating a unique work of automotive art that is unlike anything else anywhere. Who can resist building a hot rod and claiming, in truth, that it's the only one in the world. Such is the case of this 1944 Mack truck that has been made into a truly unique vehicle in the finest hot rodding tradition. The inspiration for building this hot rod came from the owner's wife who suggested a fire truck as a vehicle for a project. Found on eBay in Pennsylvania, the truck was shipped to Precision Designs in Colorado.


In true hot rod tradition, the engine has been replaced, this one being from a 2005 Dodge Viper SRT10 that pumps out 500 horsepower. Although the engine is stock, a Mopar competition ECU was used. A Dodge 48RE automatic works to handle the engine's torque and the truck's weight, which should be a lot less since a lot of firefighting equipment has obviously been removed. As are most most of the original underpinnings, which gave way to Viper SRT10 brakes and a Dodge Ram truck rear axle. The springs gave way to airbags, which makes it possible for the truck to ride so low to the ground.


The driver's cab is open to the elements with the top removed and an elegant leather bench seat adorns the interior. Chrome 24-inch Mack-badged wheels peek out from under the fenders. The truck's firefighting origins are still evident, but the black coat and striping clearly show that this truck's working days are done. Unless it's to wow crowds at the different car shows the owner chooses to attend.

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